Dune, the Movie – a new take on a classic novel

I am writing to promote my vision of Dune, The Movie.

Dune, the novel, requires being translated into Dune, the movie.  A different medium requires different writing–a literal translation will be a failure.  Casting will be critical, and should be done now as there are key actors who are the right age and experience to bring this story to life (more thoughts on that later).

What has been missing from past efforts to bring Dune to the big screen is an understanding of how to translate one of the greatest science fiction novels ever written into a movie.  I understand that issue and address it in my screenplay.

I’ve provided the first page of my screenplay to give a taste:   an introduction to the deserts of Dune, the Freman, and the stark contrast between the water rich world of Caladan and Dune; I also introduce the protagonist, Paul–all in the first minute.

My introduction immediately brings the audience into contact with key aspects of Frank Herbert’s universe:  Dune is the center of it all, the mystery of the Fremen, and, of course, the leading role of Paul.